Top 10 Health and body fitness tips for women

Top 10 Health and body fitness tips for women -:

Have a healthy diet – The first step to be fit is to eat the right food at the right time.It is better to eat more frequent but in small proportions or meals.

Add Iron and Folic acid in your diet- You should eat food like Palak methi oranges bean lemon and fresh fruit juices as they are high in Iron and Folic acid. Iron is an essential element of the body which helps in the production of haemoglobin.
Increase calcium intake- calcium helps in bone health, maintain heart rhythm and proper functioning of muscle. Eat food which is rich in calcium like milk curd and eggs in your diet.

Get moving and do physical exercise- It is highly valuable to do exercise daily and keep moving.Even half an hour of exercise daily is good.

Do cardio exercises- Try running, Pilates and do yoga.Even fun-filled activities are suitable for healthy living like Zumba or aerobics.
Do weight training – weight training increases stamina and is suitable for women as it boosts Your metabolism and makes your body lean and muscular.

Spend some time for yourself- It is highly important to spend some time for yourself like read a book or go on a long drive or relax your mind or listen some music. This will boost your mood and rejuvenate senses.

Do regular medical check-up – Some of the test women should go for above the age of 25 years are breast cancer, cervical cancer, STDs and osteoporosis. You know your body well and if you notice anything unusual then go and see your doctor and ask for medical advice.
Cut down on alcohol and cigarettes- Think about all the harm it can cause to your lungs before drinking alcohol or smoking.

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